Monday, March 2, 2009

Life is so crazy and intresting.Everyday i still reach for my phone to call Mom and tell her about all the stuff going on in my life.And in my close friends lives.She alwas gave me her full supporton all my desicions,even when they are a little racey. I sure miss her.So much i need to talk to her about.Get her advice on how to cope.
Love you Mom
Not long before Emma's wedding now.Im so excited for them. I think they can have the kind of marige that will withstand 50 plus years. I'm so prood of you. I love you Emma , Tyler


  1. Dad i miss her a lot too. I always hoped just maybe she could hold on for the wedding. But i am glad she is not suffering anymore. I thought i knew i was suppossed to marry Tyler but when gma was in the hospital and i would go see her she always talked about i looked so beautiful adn how tyler was waiting for me at the end. I knew that was what was supossed to happen.But i do believe that Tyler and I will make it forever. Thank you dad im glad that you are proud of the decisions we are making and support us. i love you!

  2. Be prepared to miss your mother for a
    very long time. Mine left us in 1992
    and I still am startled from time to
    time thinking ;OH MY GOD, I NEED TO
    CALL MOM; She lived in Florida many
    years before she died. Love you guys